As according to online politeness, let me introduce myself and my reason for being here.

My name is Jion, and I’m starting this website to see what happens when I let my mind loose on a project. It has been long overdue, and I owe it to myself to pursue what I have loved doing since childhood, and that is to write.

I want to explore my interests, by way of thinking and writing critically about them. Often I have questions or ideas about something, whether it be about a film, a collection, or current affairsand I figured I should start answering and addressing them myself by writing about it.

Certainly, I don’t expect anything other than self-fulfilment and a portfolio of work that I can be proud of. For now, this is a creative and intellectual venture, a call to a challenge. This website will be a virtual extension of my self-expression, no more than my clothes are representative of my character and ideals.